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Counselor is the person who can help and motivate the students for their studies and also for future aim. Troubled teens counselors in South Carolina SC help the juveniles for scheduling their classes and course structure. Schools for troubled children provide experienced counselors who give support to the students in achieving their goals.

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Individual or group therapies for struggling teenagers help the stressed and unmotivated juveniles. These therapies include activities like:-

- Identifying the reason behind the negative behaviors
- Change negative thoughts by entertainment activities
- Find better ways to solve problems
- Learn and teach them better communal skills

The methods of teaching which are followed by schools for troubled teens in SC are recognized technique of teaching. These boarding schools provide more concentration to the troubled girls and boys when it comes up to reputation and prestige of school and the performances.

Troubled adolescent parenting at home helps those parents whose children have rebellious and out of control type of behaviors; the guardians should analyze the child behavior and reason behind it. They should support their children as this improves their anxious behaviors.

The youth schools offer a disciplined structure in a religious and secure environment. Learners of South Carolina SC schools for struggling youth be trained to live together pleasantly in a supportive community by developing moral character, citizenship and an enthusiasm for brilliance and life-long learning. They focus on creating respect for others and admiration for themselves.