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A health program is type of outdoor group exercises that contains vigorous physical training and with interval training and muscle training. While there are variety of styles of health camps, Schools for struggling youth in West Virginia WV are much better because these are designed in such a way that the adolescents change their lazy routine into energetic routine.

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During the 4-8 week classes in troubled girls and boys camps, the youngsters get up early in the morning to run and perform lots of push ups and various forms of exercises. To increase the stamina the adolescent are suggested by the instructor to take a little rest between exercises.

These fitness classes have grown in popularity over the years mostly because they offer a new way to get low-priced, efficient and challenging workouts. The counselor suggests these learning centers for unmotivated children because of their best facilities; work out equipments, best dieticians and excellent trainers.

The fitness camps are also offered along with the WV therapeutic programs for youngsters. This camping program includes:-

- A small exercise group (6-10 people)
- An open and fresh space like a park
- Warm-up and stretching exercises.
- A 30-40 minute workout session

The fundamental components of these private learning centers for children are to create a spirit of teamwork, group support and union. To do so, West Virginia WV therapies for struggling teenagers focus on specific goal such as mind-body training which includes poses from yoga and at the end meditation exercises the recommended.