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The High school academic Program provides arts certificate program which focus in Drama, Music, and dance programs. These programs in High Schools of New Mexico NM makes the student knowledgeable which results in fruitfully accomplishes all requirements for taking admission in future college or university.

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The high school program prides itself on ensuring that its apprentices should become successful applicants for their future college and university programs in every areas of study. With the academic courses the students of New Mexico high schools Academy scholars also take arts courses.

The New Mexico diploma high schools provide various facilities for their students like:-

- Computer lab
- Library room
- Science laboratory
- Music and dance room

The online Diploma program is a college-level program designed to allow students who wants to study a short term study course. These students of New Mexico private high schools often include those who are pursuing any education program from another institution.

Students can adapt their studies to suit their individual interests and career goals. Students can choose from several of optional subjects in fine arts, commerce education and applied skills in New Mexico High Schools. The fee structures of these elective courses are different from each other.
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