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Reading and writing are constant and joyous activities in the Junior high School academies, as they include important skills of listening and speaking. In high schools of New York NY the children use to write and illustrate the stories, listening to folk tales and learning how to read. The teachers encourage their kids to take part in various activities.

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Each student is also allotted a counselor who supervises the adolescents academic, social, and emotional progress. A guidance counselor also provided in New York NY academies which supports and counsels the students which is needed for the mental growth.

The New York high school academies provide:-

- Online education
- Educational events
- Trekking tours
- Sports competitions

In a Science Laboratory period; students learn the science subject and the properties of light through the use of mirrors, prisms, and lenses. The Garden areas of New York private high schools have exotic variety of flora and fauna in the pond with green environment.

The students of private high schools also suggest education loan and scholarship facilities which support them financially. New York NY high schools for teenagers provide them mid day meals which are very healthy and beneficial for the students which are served in common food court of the school.
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