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The International School Summer Program of diploma high schools is planned to provide recreational and enrichment activities for children. These summer programs of high schools in North Carolina NC provide a welcoming and helpful environment for the students that support companionship, develop sportsmanship and is nurturing in spirit.

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The Care Program of North Carolina junior high schools are designed to meet the needs of working parents. It provides daily service of the student in a warm and caring environment. It includes various entertaining activities like story reading, fun games and art class.

Public schools for youngsters educate their students on some special issues such as:-

- Good manners
- Self esteem
- Improve Relationships
- Negative behaviors

The teachers are artistic and resourceful in their specific field of teaching. Scholars of North Carolina junior high Schools involve themselves in various sports activities for physical and mental growth and development.

During the summer programs offered by private high schools offer two weeks of adventurous activities. The students in this program enjoyed a variety of activities such as entertainment, arts and crafts, sports activities, educational activities and field trips. In addition these programs of North Carolina NC high schools grant coaches for the various sports activities from physical education sector.
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