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While going for the domestic studies there are many things that are to be kept in mind. Providing five minute break is good for the students but, long breaks should not be provided to them. Breaks should be given for watching television and for playing games. Strict and consistent rules are to be followed while going for homeschooling in Kentucky KY.

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If the student takes long time to complete his lesson, then they should be encouraged to do it orally and discussions about the subjects are to be done. It will increase the interest in the subject and concept will be cleared. The homeschools for struggling children in Kentucky are providing much quality study than any other.

The distractions are to be minimized during the domestic educational hour of the students in Kentucky:-

- Interruptions from outsides are to be minimized.
- Phone calls should not be allowed
- No appointments are to be fixed
- Television or videogames should not be allowed.

Weekly sessions are to be done on Friday of each week and the learner should be allowed to suggest some ideas. And at the end of the week, projects are to be done by the student from the subjects that are studied during the week. This will allow the child to grasp the lesson and make a thorough study about it. There many benefits of home schools for children in Kentucky.

At home all the responsibilities should be shared by all the members of the family including the older and younger child. The entire learners are assigned the work according to their age in the daily chores of the home. In Kentucky KY boys home schooling older peer students should be assigned to teach the younger ones, with the help of which good bonding develops between the children.
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