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Over the past decade schools for troubled teens in Maine ME have helped hundreds of teens and families in need. They have developed an inclusive troubled teen program that is effective in helping distracted kids to conquer past behaviors and achieve strong new lifestyles. These private academies also offer Integrated Therapeutic Curriculum (ITC) for their juveniles,

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During the use of Integrated Therapeutic Curriculum model, ME troubled teen academies have been very successful in treating adolescents who struggle with following negative behaviors:

- Adoption issues
- Angry & Defiant
- Failing in School
- Rebelliousness

Good moral values are a major part of these troubled teen schools. These schools are not only religious institutions but also teach the students about satisfaction, public duty and strong ethical character. Parents are often pleased with these characteristics and aspects of troubled teenager schools education.

Military schools are commonly used, especially for struggling young people. Many parents choose these academies because they are very excellent in offering strong, severe and highly controlled atmosphere. They focus on creating respect for others and respect for themselves.

The youth schools offer a disciplined structure in a religious and secure environment. Learners of Maine ME schools for troubled teen learn to live together pleasantly in a supportive community by developing moral character, citizenship and an enthusiasm for brilliance and life-long learning.
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