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According to the national survey the substance misuse is prominent in about 15 percent youngsters of the nation. Different types of drugs are consumed by the adolescent such as hallucinogens and cocaine. Schools for troubled teens in South Carolina SC give the information of life-skills, stage of behavioral-program, management curriculum and so on.

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Boys Christian boarding schools in SC help troubled juveniles who are often confused and frightened. These schools create a peaceful atmosphere to control the rebelliousness, annoyance, and unfaithfulness from the stressed kids.

Programs created by residential treatment centers:-

- Behavior development session
- Expert classes
- Poetry champs
- Goal accomplish field

Private boarding schools are the best option for the teens that have any type disorders such as drugs and alcohol habit, nervousness, hopelessness, laziness or lacking in enthusiasm to do work.

Therapeutic boarding schools give more attention to the unmotivated teenagers when it comes to matter of educational performance. South Carolina SC schools for troubled teen give more attention during the session and after the sessions and these types of schools exclusively for girls and boys or for both of them.
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