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Wilderness camp creates various types of programs for the harassed teens such as outdoor therapeutic programs where an adolescent is out of their residence atmosphere and spent time in camps where they discover their self restrictive. Schools for troubled teens in South Dakota SD help them to develop optimistic changes and remove their negatives belief.

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Stressed adolescents therapeutic boarding schools provide protected and beneficial activities also offer frequent opportunities for teen to prepare for their roles in the society. These opportunities arise within the unique system of academic training and physical strength.

Various types of programs offered by SD schools for at risk teens are:-

- Examination preparation
- Quality programs
- Scholarship programs
- Working out camps

These camps help those teens who are suffering from community, behavioral and emotional dispute like Learning Disability, ADD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and Aspersers syndrome. Teens with drug addiction also get specialized treatments in the academies.

According to the various analysis proved that several residential treatment centers offer lots of programs for the treatment and individual and social growth of the concerned youth. South Dakota SD troubled teen boarding schools provide unmotivated kids to various psychotherapy and outdoor courageous programs.
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