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Variety of curriculum are started in wellbeing of the adolescents like personnel appraisal, employees mentoring, contribute in every activity is necessary for all the teenagers of the teens schools. Schools for troubled teens in Virginia VA also give chance to service learning and systematize workshops like meaningful arts and stage shows which are very exclusive for the youth.

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Juvenile residential boarding schools in VA encourage teens to take part in unique methods of education also develop some of extraordinary qualities in them like self-reliance. These schools help teens to explore their own personality.

Following are the programs by the schools for troubled teens:-
- Summer camps
- Military Based programs
- Wilderness treatments
- Religious teachings

The main aim of residential treatment centers is to train the teenagers with collaborative and supportive techniques and also offer trained mentors to help them in their education and other medical problems.

Different programs are started in welfare of the children who have any type of disorder such as teen depression, attention deficit disorder and so on. Virginia VA schools for troubled teens provide information to serious aspect of informative education and also give guidance about the various medical problems.
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