Affordable Wilderness Camps for Troubled Teens in Columbia

At the adolescence stage no child especially the troubled teens, want to study and don’t take their life seriously. Teens wilderness programs in District of Colombia DC are best for those disobedient children who want to stay away from studies for about 2 months and enjoy exciting adventures.

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The camps for struggling youths have main objectives such as,

– Leadership quality
– Personality development
– Get rid of alcohols, drugs etc
– Discipline

These wilderness therapeutic programs are full of adventures and the life of these distracted kids is a little tough and challenging but very interesting. These camps are very different from the military camps where military pattern of disciplined is used to improve the children.

In the wilderness behavioral improvement camps in DC, teenagers learn many things apart from their education such as canoeing, boating, mountaineering, hiking, working with farm animals etc. are their major activities which the students are going to adapt and learn.

The District of Colombia DC teens wilderness programs are not made for all the types of troubled and frantic children. Kids who have severe problems like self-harming, suicidal attempt etc. are not allowed in the camps due to the safety point of view from the camps side and also from the kids point.
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