Affordable Wilderness Camps for Troubled Teens in Connecticut

The Teens wilderness programs in Connecticut CT are very different from those military schools or those military summer camps that are especially attended by the aggressive young boys and girls who are in their early adolescence period of their life.

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At the age of 12-18, generally young boys and girls face problems at every place, whether it is home, friends group or even at their workplace. These problems are in forms of suspension from schools, decreasing grades in academics, work pressure, stress etc.

These behavioral improvement programs are conducted in natural and outdoor setting so that the students can feel and experience the beauty of the nature. These places include the nature’s beautiful places such as desert region, coastal areas and beaches, hills and mountainous regions etc. which is enjoyed by them.

The stressed kids camps in CT are trying removing negative thoughts from the young minds and inculcating the followings in them:–

– Self-reliance
– Respect others and be respectable
– High expressing power
– Positive thoughts

The Christian wilderness programs have a team of very qualified and licensed teachers and therapists. Connecticut CT Teens wilderness programs have also provided some of the therapies such as Dialectical Behavior, Game play etc. for overall development of the fresh minds.
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